Human Organising Co

Remake the way you work

Remake the way you work


We worked with organisations to disrupt business as usual and shape the emerging future

Is your organisation fit for purpose?

In an age of disruptive change old certainties can no longer be relied on. Organisations are being forced to examine and reinvent themselves and transform the philosophies, processes and practices that make them tick.

Welcome to the world of

dynamic, purposeful, caring organisations.

Drawing on the work of pioneers in this field, we create space for you to adopt new habits, ones that are alive, effective and meaningful. The outcome is a living organisation where everyone matters, where trust is the norm and where all strive collaboratively towards a profound purpose in service to people and planet.

We worked with you:

on a personal level

to help you bring your whole self to work, contribute to a meaningful purpose and unleash wholehearted leadership

in your teams

developing better processes that engage people and help them achieve their highest potential

on radical transformation

if you are ready to shift your organisation to a new level and help it thrive in an uncertain world while serving society


Human Organising Co Ltd Dissolved 2022

After completing all client contracts and obligations, we jointly decided to end our human organising project amicably in order for each of us to pursue other interests, and had the company struck off and closed in December 2022.

Nevertheless the spirit of Human Organising lives on in the soul of its various members in diverse directions, and we can still be contacted through one of its founding members, François Knuchel at Open 2 Flow and GoFish! Collective.

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