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We help team leaders and managers in organisations wishing to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and well-being of their team, providing practices and processes that encourage collaboration and help people thrive in fast changing environments.

With our help, you can: 

learn to manage better in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment through wiser decisions

engage your people fully through simple liberating practices

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adapt more easily to changing circumstances and become more agile

How we can help

Scenario 01

Michael is a senior middle manager in a large organisation. He has always been successful using an autocratic style to get his teams to perform well, but lately he has struggled.  He would like his teams to be more effective and productive, but he is grappling with client losses and with the increased speed and complexity of the marketplace. 

After some coaching and an operational diagnostic we introduce a lean-flow mindset to the team, enabling Peter to work more horizontally with his teams. We help the teams work in communities of practice, enabling Peter and his teams to manage uncertainty and ambiguity more effectively.

Scenario 02

Mary is a team leader in a medium organisation. She is assertive and gets things done quickly, but her teams suffers from low productivity and there is a high staff turnover. She has been asked to make some major changes in her part of the organisation, however the changes make no sense to her and she resists.

By introducing her team to horizontal practices and peer learning in reflection circles, and by showing her how to become more like a coach than a commander, we give Mary a whole new perspective. Staff engagement and productivity rise as a result.

Scenario 03

Julie is the HR manager of a medium sized company. She understands the company needs to operate in a more organic way, like a living system, but she has no training in or experience of such ways of working. She would love to reduce staff stress, and is grappling with a disengaged workforce, the inability of the company to respond to changing circumstances swiftly and the need to bring a culture change throughout the organisation.

We help Julie by introducing participatory problem-solving, fostering collaboration and innovation throughout the organisation and helping it become more agile and able to adapt quickly.

Scenario 04

Paul is a new junior manager full of ideas how organisations should be run more inclusively, organically and holistically. He wants to try out these new ideas with the teams he is now leading and get better staff engagement. However, he meets obstacles due to internal politics, with a lot of toxicity from previous experience in his team. His work load is also so severe that he doesn’t find the time to devote to bringing his ideas to the team.

By working with his team in introducing horizontal practices and collaborative decision-making and coaching him in invitational engagement models, we help Paul work more effectively and find the time to devote to his team, and ultimately he is able to have a major impact in the whole organisation.

“I have worked with François in several different projects. He is without doubt one of the most professional and

knowledgeable people that I have met.”

Cuross Bakhtiar, PhD | CEO 

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Drawing on our years of experience delivering experiential workshops to individuals and organisations, we offer bespoke workshops crafted in collaboration with our customers to meet their particular needs. The solutions that emerge are co-created with our clients, so they find the solutions best suited to their situation.  

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