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Working on a personal level

How do we stay true to ourselves when the world around us is constantly changing? Sometimes our best intentions get lost in the demands of work as defined by others and we often lose confidence in speaking more of what feels real for us.  We can help in the following ways: 

One to one coaching to strengthen the sense of individual freedom 

Group facilitation where the collective wisdom can be reclaimed

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Crafting a different narrative which reflects your unique voice

Re-discover your mojo and the emergence of a more purposeful you

How we can help

Scenario 01

Scenario 02

David has been overlooked for promotion. He starts to question his place in the company. His manager says he’s valuable to the business but needs to show more leadership.

We help David find and develop his unique sense of leadership that is aligned with his personal values, so that he brings the best from himself and those he leads. 

Louise has been feeling less and less engaged in her work but worries that if she shares this with others it will be seen as a lack of commitment.

We help Louise find a confidential space to help guide her way back to a more fulfilled engagement with her work. She rediscovers her enthusiasm for her role and is able to contribute more powerfully and effectively to the organisation.

Scenario 03

Helen and John want to step back after 20 years of successfully running their care home business. Rather than sell to a rival they see the opportunity to change the way the business is run to a more employee managed operation. They believe will raise levels of engagement and also help the business become more responsive to meet changing market demands.

We help Helen and John work through the complex emotional, cultural and other issues that arise when handing over control of an organisation you have led for many years. Through individual and team coaching, we help them and the senior team transition to more distributed and empowering ways of working that are less reliant on two individuals. Helen and John are able to step back, whilst retaining an advisory role, and the staff step forward to continue to develop the organisation.

“You were amazing, Patrick. Thanks for your help with our transformation to employee ownership.”

— Charlotte Tickle | Head of Culture and People | Riverford

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While we occasionally run generic workshops, we do not have a pre-set kit of solutions, but always work backwards from our customers and their needs to create solutions which are specifically designed for them, and indeed help them find their own solutions.  

Consequently, our starting point is always a meeting of the key stakeholders.