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Transforming your organisation

We help business owners and senior leaders overcome

complex challenges such as a major culture change, re-structure or a shift of ownership. With our help, you can: 

engage your people in the task, getting buy-in from across the organisation;

bring in new ways of operating that support the vision you have for the new look organisation; and

get advice, support and encouragement to help you navigate the hazards and obstacles along the way.

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The scenarios

Scenario 01

Graham, the owner of a small business wants to transfer ownership to the staff, so he can step back to a more arms-length role. He recognises this involves a personal, cultural and legal/governance change, and is unsure where to start.

Scenario 02

Jane is the manager of a factory, part of an international business. Facing competition from Asia, she is under pressure to cut costs. She has read about self-management and is excited at the prospect of empowering her staff in this way.   But where to start?

We help Graham think through his options, run sessions with staff to get their input and help them digest the proposed change, establish a transition team, provide training in participatory practices and generally encourage a shift towards a culture of collaboration, innovation and co-creation. We also provide individual coaching to help Graham and the staff adjust to all this change.

The outcome is that the transition to employee ownership happens smoothly, the staff learn to take on more responsibility and profits and sales grow.

We run trial projects for Jane, supporting self-managing teams in parts of the factory. Word spreads throughout the factory of these positive experiences, and over time the experiment is extended throughout the factory and becomes the new normal.

The result is staff engagement increases hugely, costs come down and customer satisfaction goes up.

Thank you for a nourishing, invigorating, educational event - I really couldn’t have

asked for more. Grateful to the HOCO team for their wholehearted presence

Blanca Leon

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While we occasionally run generic workshops, we do not have a pre-set kit of solutions, but always work backwards from our customers and their needs to create solutions which are specifically designed for them, and indeed help them find their own solutions.  

Consequently, our starting point is always a meeting of the key stakeholders.