Human Organising Co

Remake the way you work

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We are living through turbulent times - volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous - and top-down, control-based institutions are failing to cope.

We believe it is time to rethink and remake our organisations, to drop old habits and conventional thinking, and free up people to bring the whole of themselves to work, in service to a healthier society and planet.


Our Story

HOCo is a collaborative venture between people who are committed to reimagining the way we work. We draw on our own experiences in the constant remaking of ourselves as individuals, and in carrying out our purpose of, together with others, remaking our organisations and healing ourselves and our society.

Let us join you in imagining and creating collaborative, purposeful organisations ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


In 2022 we decided to close Human Organising Co as we each had different ambitions we wanted to follow.  Regardless, Human Organising Co's soul continues to live deep within us.


The business officially closed (strike off) in December 2022.

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Our Approach

Guiding not directing: We see ourselves as way-finders, companions on the journey and mentors. We help you find the answers that are right for


Holistic perspective: We help an organisation bring in the voices that are normally unheard, to form an integrated view of the organisation.

Continuous improvement: We help foster a shift from a culture of delivery to a culture of learning.

Success for all: We look for win-win opportunities, bringing benefit to our clients and their community.

Bringing our whole selves to work: We are passionate about our work, and bring that passion to everything we do.



Sarah Jupp Dos Santos

François Knuchel

Following a career spanning roles in healthcare, the commercial sector and local government, Sarah is currently focused on how people and organisations can develop skills, processes and structures to become more person-centred and purpose-led.

30+ years as a facilitator and trainer with specialities in lean business design, intercultural management and new leadership paradigms.

François enjoys working in a hands-on, pragmatic and intuitive way with people on the shop floor.

Areas of specific interest:

  • how to develop truly person-centred relationships
  • identifying and addressing systemic blocks that reinforce key issues around poor mental health, inhibit inclusivity and diversity, and ignore environmental impact shifting perspectives to allow for true innovation
  • shifting perspectives to allow for true innovation

He also is one of Europe’s leading experts on sociocracy, a participatory governance approach that is being increasingly adopted in advanced organisations.

François learned his trade working in Japan for the auto industry, gaining experience of self-managing teams and quality circles.



François continues to expand his own independent business, Open 2 Flow, designing high engagement participatory events online which enable co-creative stakeholder dialogues.

Sarah is pursuing her ambitions for changing how political parties work. and is now the Director of Governance at the Green Party.

He has also co-founded GoFish! Collective, which has similar objectives of human reinvention to those of Human Organising Co. here he has helped develop an embodied learning simulation

Philip Woodford

Coaching others to realise their full potential is Philip’s compelling motivation since his own shifts from advertising to barrister at law and then into professional acting. His creative outlook has inspired his own show about climate change at The Edinburgh Fringe as well as many different client interventions.

Philip is passionate about:

  • who we are and not just what we do
  • how we might live more authentically, and
  • in a conscious and wholehearted way of being

philip is pursuing his passion for psychoanalysis and art.

Patrick Andrews, the other original co-founder of Human Organising Co, had already left the company in summer 2021 to pursue his legal business, Barefoot Lawyer, and co-found another business, Wings & Roots, based in Geneva.